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Still Life Animation Production is a collaborative group of talented animation, telecommunications, and visual communication students from Ball State University. This six credit hour, five days a week class, was created so that students may have the opportunity to experience the environment of a functioning studio .In its second year running, the class is composed of the most driven students, and remains a combined learning experience for the entire class. The pyramid structure of leadership positions in animation, lighting, and textures, allows even the most matured students to continue to learn under the instruction of their peers.Team

This year's production, Two Life, is under the direction of Grad student Paul Symons and produced under professor Andy Beane. The short, 3D animation film captures the concept of the long-term effects of humanity on their every day surroundings, as well as the long lasting idea that love is timeless. The film's completion date is set for January of next year, and will be submitted into film festivals as soon as possible.

Last year's project was called One Night Only.